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I am not your typical Business accountant mentor. I bring my unique style of plain speaking enthusiasm to ever meeting we have. After each session you will say - I CAN DO THIS. We will set measurable action points so that you achieve your goals faster

I’m Collin - your plain speaking business mentor who helps business Grow, Scale and Profit Faster

I have been helping business people for over 25 years and have run both Multi National and Small Business. I sold my Scuba Diving Business in 2012 after becoming one of the top Scuba Instructor Trainers in the word, to allow me to focus on my work life balance and then decided in 2014 to launch Miles Better as I felt it was time to pay forward my expertise and approach and  and have been helping 100's of businesses and Entrepreneurs ever since.

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ON Point Mentors 60 minute interview with Collin Miles 

60 minute video from the ON Point Mentors founder Celia Waterhouse

  • Collin was invited to be the features mentor this week

  • We explore the back ground to Collin

  • Collin Miles CEO MIles Better explains the link between profit, sales and Cash

  • All presented in a light hearted fashion

  • The announcement of the new" Let The numbers decide " course and more

  • Please enjoy 

  • For more information on the various courses

    Recent Happy Clients

    Collin really helped me dive into the world of freelance confidently. It's a scary thing to do and I didn't know where to start. Collin made the accountancy, Business and tax side easy and explained everything in simple terms so I could understand.

    It was a huge relief to meet an business mentor that I could trust and knew how to help small businesses like myself scale. (and wasn't boring!)"

    Rachel Webber

    It would be impossible to write a recommendation for Collin that would do justice to how good he is. Collin took every ounce of stress away that my previous Business mentor had left me in. Great man, brilliant company.

    John Larcombe

    Simply cannot recommend Collin @ Miles Better highly enough. After suffering at the hands of not one, but two bad Business mentors, my finances were in an appalling state. Collin laid out a plan and helped guide me back on track. Within a couple of years not only did I feel back in control, I have now built up enough reserves to know my business is safe, even if we should experience difficult times. 

    Stephen Bishop

    ON Point Mentors Bridging the Divide Virtual Summit 

    Series of insighful videos from the ON Point Mentors

  • 12 minute video  answering the question of the day

  • Key Note speaker Dr John DeMartini

  • Collin Miles CEO MIles Better was a featured speaker

  • All presented in video or interview  styles

  • 30+ mentors featured

  • Check back for more summits in the near future

  • Please enjoy the summit

  • Enjoy more coaching tips

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